University Selection/Application

Although each university have slightly different application and registration procedures, the general steps you take during the application procedure and registration period are as follows:

  • Apply with sending your documents for evaluation and once the eligibility is confirmed you receive your Conditional Acceptance Letter (CAL).
  • Once you pay the initial amount stated on your CAL and fulfill the other conditions stated on your CAL (if any) you receive your Unconditional Acceptance Letter (UAL).
  • Make sure you inform the University about your flight details 3 working days before the arrival for your airport pick up. Once you arrive at North Cyprus Ercan Airport get picked up by university personnel.
  • Register the very  next day after you arrive in North Cyprus, get your student ID, start selecting your courses, and register at accommodation halls if you are staying on campus.
  • Orientation week will inform you about everything you need about North Cyprus and your university.


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