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Bapinar Education consult is a subsidiary of Baspinar Estate Management with a team with years of experienced personnel in the education industry. As a company, we are experienced in customer satisfaction and industry goodwill. Goodwill is our aim and in order to achieve that, we intend to give our clients a good customer experience with great information by being with them all through the process till the end. We are currently working in partnership with educational institutes both at home and abroad with prospects from various local and international nationalities. 

We will be with prospects from the beginning of each process through to when they arrive and are currently settled at their destination. We operate an independent and unbiased service for our clients with proper and utmost informational consultation. Our experienced staff will consult with and advise prospects and their families in order to assist with proper and updated information. We will match the student’s individual needs and preferences with the requirements of the most suitable educational institution.

Why Study In North Cyprus

  • Quality education at international standards in English.
  • Internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Education in line with the American Credit System.
  • Qualified faculty members at international standards.
  • On-campus education with a wide range of facilities.
  • Affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses.
  • Excellent facilities for social, cultural and sports activities.
  • Medical insurance, provided by the government of North Cyprus.
  • Transport, shops and entertainment are close at hand.
  • Accommodation on campus and around the city.
  • Healthcare

    If you need medical treatment due to a sickness or injury during your studies, there is no need to worry, as Northern Cyprus is well equipped with three state hospitals and numerous private hospitals and clinics.

    Every student has a health insurance that cover their medical charges (except dentistry, plastic surgery and pregnancy-related conditions) in the state hospitals, and the insurance fee is included in their university’S fees. With this health insurance, students can get routine check-ups or visit emergency room in the public hospitals and Clinic’s, and they could also have surgeries done for free at these institutions.

    In state and private hospitals, English is widely spoken and all staff is fully trained in their line of work. The private hospitals generally have the same facilities as the state hospitals but the patients can stay in private room with en-suite bathrooms. The cost of private health care is affordable and the treatment is excellent.

    For minor problems, health centers at university campuses and the local pharmacies (locally known as Eczane) can deal with most complaints and can dispense most medication over the counter.

  • Cypriot Culture

    The majority of the Turkish Cypriots are Muslim and although very few regularly attend mosque services or wear religious attire, most celebrate religious festivals. For Turkish Cypriots, family life is of ultimate importance and therefore a great amount of their free time is spent at family gatherings, barbeques and weddings. All towns and even some villages hold festivals many of which are in the early summer.

    Although predominantly Muslim, freedom of religion is safeguarded in the Cyprus constitution. Among certain obligations for Muslims are to pray five times a day at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening. During the holy month of Ramadan all Muslims must fast from dawn to dusk and are only permitted to work six hours per day.

  • Living xpenses

    North Cyprus offers moderate living expenses. Estimated average living expenses for international students are 350-600 USD per month.

    Food and drinks bought from shops instead of eating out in restaurants can significantly be cheaper. An individual gets to spend around 100 USD every week for grocery items and beverages. All other shopping items as well as services are also very affordable in North Cyprus. Just to give you a broad idea, a haircut costs around 5 USD for men and 10 USD for women; a can of coke costs less than 1 USD and a Burger King meal costs around 5 USD. All in all, North Cyprus offer very affordable living conditions for students and this is among the top reasons why Cyprus is fast becoming a student hub for students from many different countries and cultures.



  • Transportation

    For those who do not own a vehicle, there are shuttle buses that travel all over the city (both public and private buses in addition to the university shuttle services). Apart from buses, there are several ways you can get around in North Cyprus such as car rental, taxi and minibuses. Driving in Northern Cyprus is the most advisable form of transport as there are infrequent bus services to many of the more remote areas of the country; and bus services cease to operate after 5:00 p.m. Driving is on the left in North Cyprus similar to most other former British colonies. Traffic and road signs follow the international guidelines. Maximum speed is 100 km/hr on motorways and 30-75 km/hr elsewhere.

    Vehicles entering North Cyprus must be insured upon arrival. Road surfaces between major towns and villages are reasonably good, but some mountain and village roads are still unsurfaced, so care should be taken especially in wet weather. Visitors wishing to bring their own car from abroad may do so for a period of up to 3 months provided the vehicle has a valid registration license from its country of origin. Visitors in Cyprus can drive using a valid international driving license or a valid driving license from their country of origin. Visitors bringing their own cars from abroad will need to purchase insurance upon entry to Northern Cyprus. Most petrol stations are open from 7:00 a.m. and close around 8:00 p.m. Some however, stay open later and there is an increasing number of stations which operate 24 hours a day. Free municipal parking is available in all major towns.


  • Students could find part time jobs while studying  such as in bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, or even in their universities. After they graduate, they could find full-time jobs in Hotels, Banks, international companies if they have a good knowledge of Turkish and English. North Cyprus is currently in need of more lawyers, real estate experts and agents, marketers and business investors. The recent discovery of petrol and oil in the coastline of the island has spurred the need for more working hands as well. The economy still runs on a free market structure and there is a need of a more delineated structure between private and government sectors. Therefore, it seems like more and more international graduates will be looking to stay and work in North Cyprus after they complete their studies.



  • Due to its small population, there are less crimes that take place in North Cyprus compared to more populated and metropolitan countries such as UK, USA, Australia or Malaysia. Cyprus has an excellent reputation for being a safe and friendly place. You can help us keep it that way. A few basic precautions can be enough to protect your belongings.Crime against students and tourists is not common, but you should keep passports, money and other valuables in a safe place. As regards discrimination, there are no racism and discriminatory actions in North Cyprus; the Cypriots are quite warm and welcoming people to everyone regardless of their cultural, ethnic or religious background.

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